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Our Mission

We help our clients discover their inner power and

unlock the body's innate potential to heal, so they can influence their destiny. 

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Feel the Pulse

Acupuncture &  Eastern Herbal Medicine for


Mental-Emotional Wellness

Digestive & Hormonal Health 

Anti-Aging & Preventative Medicine

Performance & Recovery

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Are you curious which one of our services may be beneficial for your current condition? 

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Herbal Tea


We believe that each individual requires a personalized integrative health plan to achieve and maintain thriving health and optimal wellbeing. Dr. Sinem Ergen devises the most beneficial patient-centered plan for your individual needs through honoring the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit through Eastern Medicine modalities. 

Are you ready to step into your wholeness and abundance to really enjoy your life?

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Dr. Sinem Campbell DACM, L.Ac

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist

Learn more about Dr. Sinem's background and her integrative approach to body and mind wellness as she unites Eastern Medicine philosophy with the modern world. 


Internal Medicine

Psychoneuroendocrine Immunology


Serious & Chronic Conditions 

Mental Health

Herbal Medicine

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Let's address the root cause and bring harmony back to your body and mind, together.

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